All artworks of Yelena Milanesi

Yelena Milanesi, photographer and artist, born and raised in Milano, italian capital of ready-to-wear, with Hungarian origins.
Graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, previously formed as entomologist with Natural Sciences Degree, University of Milan.
Around 10 years experienced in the field of photography and fine arts, photo-portraitist with a focus on the Fine Art nude, also contributes to the creation of fashion textile and art prints.
Yelena received several awards / exhibitions / competitions as Premio Arte 2014, Cairo editore, solo and group Exhibitions: including collective at Il Giorno SPE Energia uguale Creatività in 2008 and FotoFestival photos collective Rome 2007, the solo exhibition in 2012 at Twelve LougeBar in Milan, the Runway Fashion show World of Fashion at the Circle LoungeClub of Milan in 2011, mentionated as Young Talent into Affordable Art Fair 2014 in Milan.
She is also an active PhotoVoguer since 2012, she has taken part in the Swatch & Vogue Italy on the occasion of Vogue Archive inauguration, future publication on paper magazine in 2015.