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    Data sheet
  • Author Francesco Nencini
  • Paper Photographic
  • Kind of paper Satin
  • Genre Lisboa
  • Primary colour Grey
  • Format Horizontal
  • 30 x 45 cm - edition 6
  • 40 x 60 cm - edition 6
  • 60 x 90 cm - edition 6
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The book opens the exhibition of photographer Francesco Nencini at space 56 Gallery in Milan. The show dissects the concept of " Not Places " borrowed eponymous essay by anthropologist Marc Augé. The photographic research comes from a path that winds through the western cities (Milan, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Bucharest and New York) to document the "Non-Places , anonymous spaces frequented by like-minded individuals , but only". The protagonists of his photographs are portraits in transit moments, at railway stations or subway, skeletons of abandoned factories and city views , which scenario which backdrop contemporary. The photographer captures the loneliness, through a cinematic language, gloomy emotions that frame the metropolitan landscapes.

Not Place, 1995.

[#collezione#]Not Places[#/collezione#]

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