dandyDADA is the online gallery where you can see and buy authentic photographic artworks made by both emerging and consolidated artists, both contemporary and historical, made in limited edition. All teh artworks sold by dandyDADA are produced  with techniques of high quality and in compliance with the authorial choices.

DANDYDADA is a trademark of ISPAR SRL, an italian ltd company. (ISPAR-Institute for the enhancement of Artistic Heritage Ltd, with headquarters in Milan, 20151 street Patroclo 15, Italy).  

DANDYDADA guarantees to its Collectors: 

1. The photographic artwork is printed exclusively in number of copies, and size, that are clearly stated on the website. 

2. The edition of each artwork is unique, in the number of copies and sizes stated. Following editions and / or reprints of any kind, are excluded, even for the future. In the case of printing from film, at press time last unit, the negative is destroyed in the presence of witnesses and a notary who draws up the minutes. Each artwork on the market, whose image is present in DANDYDADA archive, without the certificate of authenticity and archival number, equals to a false and thus seeks a counterfeit devoid of any commercial value. 

3. Each photographic work is provided, in verse, of a certificate of authenticity that shows:

- The original signature of the author;

- The date of the print;

- The original stamp DANDYDADA, the original subscription of an official site and register number of the site;

- The original stamp of the printer;

- The number of the print (example: "edition n. 5/100").