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    Data sheet
  • Author Luca Eugeni
  • Paper Baryta 325 gr
  • Genre Nature
  • Primary colour Black and White
  • Format Square
  • 30 x 30 cm - edition 10
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Luca Eugeni photo collection is characterized by the search and selection of landscapes where human presence is only felt through the tracks or interventions that humankind leaves in it. Even the most popular places and tourist take on a different meaning thanks to the atmosphere without time and space that the photographer is able to create. Eugeni photographer mainly in Black and White because he believes that, in a world where every day we are surrounded by colors, it is necessary not to forget to reach the soul and essence of things. Through the use of long shutter speeds and the search for symmetries, shapes and contrasts, reinterprets a place to bring him back, in some cases, to simple basic shapes and abstract. Moreover, the choice of the square formed allows him to leave the image reading from influences due to the type of shot made. Search atmospheric situations in which clouds, rain and fog contribute to create more intimate and subjective. Prefers to work at dawn and at night, times when the environment is manifested even quieter. Do not look for fabulous scenery, but the story in the landscape that surrounds it. The author thinks that beauty is everywhere and that it is enough to have eyes and mind prepared to enter into symbiosis with the subject and to represent it to the fullest. His work resulted in post production or in the darkroom, when he puts on his photographs their own distinctive stamp. The beauty of Luca Eugeni images lies in the author's ability to create wonder and awe through the representation of seemingly anonymous or normal subjects. The remains of a dock, a tree, a waterfall or the rolling of a boat are by Luca Eugeni, sources of eternal beauty. The photography of Luca Eugeni is more free interpretation of reality that faithful representation of the same. And 'an intimate story in which, sometimes, the author tells us about himself.

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