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Athens Arch of Hadrian

    Data sheet
  • Author Publifoto c/o Sergio Bergami
  • Paper Photographic
  • Kind of paper Satin
  • Genre Greece
  • Primary colour Black and White
  • Format Horizontal
  • 24 x 36 cm - edition 100
  • 30 x 45 cm - edition 100
  • 50 x 75 cm - edition 10
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Photography of the Thirties depicting the arch of Hadrian emperor. Located on the west side of the temple of Olympian Zeus near Syntagma square, the door was raised by the will of the Athenians in 131 A.D. Built in Pentelic marble, the structure bears two inscriptions on one for each lintel. On the western front, ie towards watching the Acropolis and the old city, says "This is Athens, the city of Theseus". The eastern front, facing the sanctuary and the Hadrian district, is characterized by a rather pungent clarification "This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus". The flood of people crosses the boundary wall of the unconscious road to abandon the age-old Hellenic culture and embrace the cult of the Roman philology.

[#collezione#]Onboardm photographer - 30s[#/collezione#] 

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