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On Ile de France

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  • Author Publifoto c/o Sergio Bergami
  • Paper Photographic
  • Kind of paper Satin
  • Genre New York
  • Primary colour Black and White
  • Format Horizontal
  • 24 x 36 cm - edition 100
  • 30 x 45 cm - edition 100
  • 50 x 75 cm - edition 10
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In this historical photograph of 1930, the Transatlantic Ile de France arrived in New York harbor escorted by two pilot ships. The ship contained all the charm of Paris' 30s. The magnificence of the furniture in the Art Nouveau style, was picked up by all the ocean liners of the Thirties and the following decades. Social life aboard the Ile de France was a draw to the European aristocracy and the rich American bourgeoisie. From stem to stern it breathed carefree atmosphere in style twenties. gala evenings, the bar always supplied alcohol (bypassing the American Prohibition) were forgetting their travelers were making a journey to a new world in search of a better life.
In the background the cargo port of New York with the seat Unite Fruit Company company that traded tropical fruits coming from plantations in Central and South America. Founded in 1899, the United Fruit company flourished during the years of the twentieth century twenties. Economic success led to a new corporate structure; the United Fruit Company became Chiquita.

[#collezione#]Onboard photographer - 30's[#/collezione#]

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